FEMA reflects on a historic year: 25 million Americans affected

In 2017, FEMA supported 59 major disaster declarations, 16 emergency declarations and 62 Fire Management Assistance Grant declarations, across more than 35 states, tribes and territories. FEMA obligated more than $7.2 billion in disaster assistance.
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Forest Service Wildland Fire Suppression Costs Exceed $2 Billion

Forest Service spending on fire suppression in recent years has gone from 15 percent of the budget to 55 percent – or maybe even more – which means we have to keep borrowing from funds that are intended for forest management.
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Air Quality Impacts of Wildfires: Perspectives of Key Stakeholders

This increase in large wildfires will have significant impacts on the ecology of many forest types across the West, but they are impacts from which forests can recover particularly if we can moderate the fire behavior with our management practices.
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