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Better information,
better decisions

Cornea aids in disaster planning, mitigation, response, & recovery

We enable the lessons learned on an incident
to be carried forward & applied to the next

and the next

We curate the data you need, when you need it.

First responders and incident managers are inundated with technology and data. However, the data is not always useful. It often exists in organizational silos or incompatible formats.

Cornea is focused on solving this problem because good data provides a foundation for safety, effectiveness, learning, and improving.

Cornea collects & fuses data

from authoritative sources:

3D Terrain

from USGS


from USDA FS


from NWS


from NASA

Fire Spread Probability

from USDA FS

Potential Control Lines

from Agency Sources


from DHS

High Value Assets & Hazardous Sites

from DHS

Aerial Assets

from Agency Sources

Ground Assets

from Agency Sources

Road closures & Traffic

from Waze


while reducing cognitive load for decision-makers.

Our field teams work on-site, alongside decision-makers, response planners and administrators to proactively connect and compare critical datasets from multiple sources in real-time.

We partner with you to supplement your expert judgement with relevant, high-quality, and timely data to answer your important questions.

Focus on making decisions, not interpreting data.

For years, those in charge have had to make precise decisions based on unreliable data provided by unqualified sources.


Too much data becomes too much noise and distracts. Cornea provides relevant data for each user, customized to the decisions they face.


Good decisions require accurate data. By improving data quality, Cornea enables better time-sensitive decisions to be made.

Cornea helps quantify priorities.

Computational statistics and mathematical models can facilitate better strategic resource allocations and shared knowledge of potential effectiveness across organizational silos.

Cornea enables first responders and agency administrators at the state, regional, and national scale to be on the same page.

Cornea offers a unified layer of technology & service.


Cornea’s value is its people. We bring great people to you before, during, and after an incident to help automate data flows, and improve data quality.

We supplement your expert judgment with verified and relevant information, allowing you to focus on the things which really matter, not superfluous data.

Strategic Alignment

Proactive management of wildland fire requires strong alignment. ICs and agency administrators seek quick access to shared priorities.

Improved execution depends on agile feedback cycles. Cornea helps close the gap between strategic goals and operational excellence.

Data Science

Through improved data collection and partnership with experts and researchers, machine-learning techniques can support better decision-making in managing wildland fire and disasters.


As a platform built for the public-sector, Cornea knows the importance of strong information security and privacy practices.

Cornea leverages FedRAMP authorized platforms and modern cloud-native security practices.

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