Actionable intelligence for wildfires


Cornea provides actionable intelligence

We provide on-site support to incident command teams at both national and international disasters. Using our technology platform, our field teams access, analyze, and visualize critical data in real time. We empower commanders with the information they need when they need it, saving lives and lowering costs.

Built using the most current computation and machine learning modeling and systems, the Cornea software platform collects, secures, and displays relevant georectified data in real time for response planning, management, and deployment. Our field teams work directly at disaster sites through partnerships with federal, state, and international agencies to provide actionable intelligence.

During hurricane season, we help emergency managers respond more effectively to rising flood waters, storm surges, and outages. For wildfires, we help incident commanders and firefighters employ resources more effectively to suppress fires earlier and more quickly than ever before.


A new standard of awareness

Due to climate change, global urbanization, and the overall encroaching of human civilization, natural disasters are becoming increasingly severe—and costly. Worldwide losses caused by natural disasters totalled $350 billion in 2017, 150% above the the 30-year inflation-adjusted average of $140 billion. [1]

2018 wildfires scorched over 8.7 million acres in the U.S. with total costs approaching $24 billion, a new record. Suppression costs continue to rise, totaling $3.1 billion at the federal level in 2018, 70% above the 10-year average. [2] [3]

California experienced its largest, deadliest and most expensive wildfires ever - the 450,000 acre Mendocino Complex Fire and the Camp Fire which resulted in $16.5 billion in damages. [4]

Incident command teams want better technology to combat these increasingly complex and challenging disasters. They want insights without all of the noise. At Cornea, we believe that powerful tools in the right hands can radically improve decision-making and better enable an effective response.


Cornea empowers incident commanders

Real-time data when you need it most
Cornea’s team provides incident managers with the most advanced, immediate access to the critical data they need.

Cornea’s field teams use our platform to collect the data sources incident commanders request including aerial imagery, streaming video, computationally intensive high-volume data sets, and real-time asset positioning, and we put them to work for our customers.

Information as a service
Instead of introducing new technology platforms to emergency managers (which carry high startup costs and technical overhead), Cornea’s teams deploy globally to work directly with responders.

Secure and reliable
Built by a team of Google veterans, Cornea uses the same infrastructure, security tools, and approach to scaling resources as the largest tech leaders. Cornea’s data aggregation and analysis platform is built to exceed required cybersecurity and reliability standards.


Real-time situational awareness

Dynamic maps
Create and distribute dynamic maps layered with vital data such as disaster perimeters, roadways, critical infrastructure, and weather.

GPS tracking
Manage assets with real-time location data to enable more efficient and effective deployment of equipment and personnel.

Early detection
Spot encroaching dangers sooner to direct resources more effectively, saving lives and property.

Reduce harmful emissions
Identify and suppress disasters earlier to mitigate environmental impact.

Multi-mission capable
Provide timely, accurate intelligence in the wake of rapidly changing environments including hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and humanitarian relief.